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नरेश का मिजाज एक चिन्तक का है वे जीवनानुभवों की  गहराई में उतरने का माद्दा रखते हैं।  – इंडिया टुडे    ( INDIA TODAY )

Dr Naresh Agrawal is a self made entrepreneur, who was in born in Steel City of Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India on 1st September 1960. He has been regularly writing  poetry, inspirational thoughts & quotes (सूक्ति, अनमोल-वचन, सुविचार, प्रेरक विचार) even after being fully engaged in business. Some of his best Hindi poems have been published in all major magazines of India.

He is an author of 6 books on poetry ( हिन्दी कविताएं )  and another 6 books on education ( शिक्षा ), and life philosophy ( जीवन-दर्शन ). Most recently (in 2014) he published his book, “Sukti-Sagar” -containing 1000 motivational quotes/suvichar/anmol vachan/suktiya  in Hindi ( जो कबीर, बुद्ध, ओशो, चाणक्य, सुकरात  जैसे महापुरुषों की वाणी से अलग हटकर हैं ).  His motivational book name as Every days inspiration for students is also very popular.

He is also the Chief Editor of Famous Rajasthani cum Hindi Magazine”Marudhar” (‘मरुधर’ रंगीन  द्विमासिक  साहित्यिक  पत्रिका)  Which  has a huge reach and is widely  circulated in several states including Jharkhand the most.

Besides writing, Naresh is a complete expert in the art of BONSAI. In 1996 he wrote  “ Bonsai Tips for Beginners” to help people learn this art. In 2006 he was also appointed in panel of judges for judging in annual Flower/Bonsai show conducted by the famous “The Agri-Horticultural Society Of India”, KolKata. He has also served as general secretary of “Indo-Japanese Association-Jamshedpur Chapter” during 1992 to 1996 and conducted many Bonsai work shop and exhibition in town.

He has also awarded with ‘हिंदी सेवी सम्मान’, ‘समाज रत्न’ सम्मान, ‘अक्षर-कुंभ’ सम्मान आदि ।

He is also an extensive traveller & an avid photographer. His photographs on Kashmir, Ladakh, Rajasthan, Kerala, Ooty, Andaman & Nicobar etc. are splendid and rare to see.
Some of his other interests include palmistry, homeopathy.