Let inspiration drive you to your dreams

 June 28, 2014     admin

It’s been long since my last blog. For those who don’t follow me on twitter or Facebook – Let me start by wishing you all a brilliant 2014 ahead. The Rainy season holds a lot in store for all of us – New aspirations, new expectations and new inspirations. While aspirations and expectations stem from us, inspiration is something that grows on us. Without inspiration; aspirations are never  [...]



Five things women need to change about themselves

 June 28, 2014     admin

A lot is said on how men should change for us to respect our women better. Here are some: Men need to see women as people, not objects. Men should realize and truly believe women are as talented, capable as men, and sometimes even more so. Men should not discriminate in the work place or at home. Men have to respect boundaries and make sure their words to not make women feel uncomfortable. Men hav  [...]



Countless opinions On Every day’s inspiration for students

 June 28, 2014     admin

Every day’s inspiration for students is a beautiful book. Well written (obviously), imaginative and wonderful in the way it builds heartfelt inspiring fiction for Student .This book , that can reach out to meet and move and touch a reader at any time of the reader’s life, from childhood to middle age and beyond. I would like to thanks to all reader of every day’s inspiration for students  [...]